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Jacqueline loves David and Sabrina 2014

I'm 17 years old, I'm a 12th grader at Ontario High School, and I like to have fun. I enjoy reading, doing some excercise, going swimming, color sometimes, draw a few times in a while, and I like making new friends. I am very helpful,nice, friendly,caring, and cheerful. I like being myself everyday and help the world fill with bright smiles. =) I also love Luigi as my favorite nintendo character and Kuromi as my favorite sanrio person. =) I also even love my other favorite nintendo characters named David and Sabrina and they're the greatest couple I've ever met since May 2012(seen in the greatest wii games yet). Not only that but I'm also a huge Transformers fan and I love all the autobots. When I get bored sometimes, I watch some of my favorite cartoons, watch TV shows, watch some game shows, listen to music, read books, and either do community service or hang out at my city library. I will welcome any new members cause I like knowing people and I will be open to any new person. =) I also am a big chocolate lover and it's the sweetest tooth I like. I'm also into poetry that I write my own poems as well.


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