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So I change my pics, it's a mix of icon my cousin found online. I love all 5 G's: Gossip  Girl, Glee, and Gilmore Girls

Shout out to my sister/cousin for life Myra...

I'm 19 and in college :D I have time to go on spoiler sites, go with friends/bf, spend time with my family, and do all my homework (on time), and work. Life is tough... Oh well I'll live. I'm honest if I have something that I don't agree with you I'll tell you. Sorry if I come out as a bit bitchy

I love Gossip Girl but to be perfect honest I only watch it because of Chuck and Blair. Everyone always seems to piss me off. Especially Vanessa and Serena.

What are they doing to CB? They are ruining them. It's like they got together people were just suppose to be satified. NO. The writer are f-ing up this season. And Chuck is like no where to be found.

This season has turned things so quickly. Like Nate. He has a personality, like where did that come from? I'm so baffled. Dan started out really strong this season. I loved him with Georgie lol. Then the whole thing with Olivia tripped me off. They weren't bad just over the top cheesy. And now Dan loves Vanessa? WTF. So what they're saying is that people should have 3some so they can reveal their true feelings... Is anyone else confused?   Eric, I love him. I do he's awesome. Team Eric!

Jenny UGH. I cant stand her. First she goes and acts like a bitch then she pretends like she an innocent person. Cut the shit little J. Do I really have to go on about Vanessa and how she suddenly has more screen time? or how Serena is a homewrecker? Nope becasue they speak for themselves.

I love Ed and Leighton (maybe as a couple but more as individuals) but I like them because they make the show. Leighton so beautiful and Ed is gorgeous. They both can sing, act, and be great people off camera. 

Chace can barely act and Jessica it's like watching a shipwreck over and over. Blake is pretty decent. I love Penn outside the show. 

Well that's me. Isab

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