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Hey there. Well let's see.. I'm quite obsessed with Gossip Girl along with the show True Blood. Oh and Harry Potter of course. 

I looovve to read, I love classics, and pieces with enduring, timeless themes, but I love a good thriller too. If you love books half as much as I do I'd love to have an intelligent conversation on any literary piece... I never caught on with the "Gossip Girl" novels and frankly I'm glad I didn't,  I heard Chuck Bass is gay in them?

Character Breakdowns::

Blair: Her first because she is my favorite character on the show, I relate to her a lot in accordance with her streams of thoughts and her strengths and weaknesses. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of her. Even when she was an uber lame-o with Nate, I could understand why she was that way, he was her original after all. So I really find nothing unlikeable about her simply because it's like me stating here what I dislike about myself..

Serena:: Her next because she's technically the "star" of the show. Serena is boring me out to be honest. Her poor decision making combined with her self-righteous attitude is getting out. I think though Carter is going to bring out the more naughty less hypocritical side of her that more people can relate to..

Dan:: I like him now. The first two seasons with Serena he was SOO DULL. He was trying so hard to impress her, and putting her up on this craaazzy pedestal so it could never work out. Now with Season three it seems as though the writers are giving an edge to him letting him let his guard down and it seems at NYU he'll be the Popular Guy and Blair will be the outcast and I think that relationship has incredible potential. And with Georgina, I have one word. YESS.

Nate:: He is the most boring character on the show. Like seriously. It takes him too long to understand things and his facial expressions are minimal. I hope he gets a better storyline this season..

Jenny:: Her storyline looks exciting. She's probably the most relatable character on the show to the majority of people so her shifts and growth throughout the show are attainable for people and likeable. 

Chuck:: I loved him first season to death, second season I still loved him until his dad died, and then probably the last like five episodes he was annoying. But then again they were trying to be realistic so I suppose it's okay. Chuck is the ultimate bad boy. But at the same time there's a vulnerable double side that always glimmers through especially when pertaining to anything to do with Blair. So I look forward to their dynamic this season and I kinda wouldn't mind seeing some Chuck and Vanessa time simply because of their love/hate chemistry that would make for some steamy "conversations".

Vanessa:: I like her too. I always have. She's realistic too. She has high expectations for herself and of other people. She has high goals for herself and I commend her for that. I think her and Blair will slowly start to develop a friendship this season. Vanessa is intelligent and sarcastic and sees the truth in people(for the most part).


I do currently love the dynamic of Chuck and Blair, I commend the writers for deciding to try them out in the first place because honestly if they hadn't happened, let's try to imagine where we would be...

Chuck needs to pull through with being a  Byronic Hero. Or Dan. Or even Nate. I just need that in the show!! Please look the term up if you aren't familiar with it already.



If you've read this far, I give you masssivve kudos :):)


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