♫♥nirvana is the name.♥♫

birthday-> .may.20.1993.

hobbies->tv, internet, reading, maggupit ng buhok ko, mag pikshur, magkutingting ng kung ano ano...

favorite books->kahit ano! i love reading...

favorite movies-> yung mga madugo, psychological thrillers and mga comedy na mukhang pinag-isipan...

favorite tv shows-> gossip girl,project runway, tmz, chelsea lately, the dish, the tyra banks show, e! news, daily 10, beauty and the geek, split ends, csi, criminal minds, justice, azumanga daioh...

favorite music-> hardcore, thrash metal, speed metal, black metal, death metal, grindcore, metalcore, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, electronica, dance rock, alternative chuvaness, powerpop, old skool punk, doom metal, rap metal, nu metal...

i love fashion.
i have my own style and i don't give a shit whether you like it or not.
i don't care about trends, i wear anything i like.
fuck rules.
style has no rules.

i love music so much.
i'll be dead without it.
unfortunately, no one cares enough to teach me how to play anything.
that sucks.
i love a lot of genres, and i don't limit myself.
i always try something new.
i don't care about fads, and i don't discriminate between what's hot and what's not.
if i like it, then i'll listen to it.

i'm scared of heights.
i hate insects.
i hate flirts.
and stuck-ups.

i love to eat.

i'm an outcast since pre school.
things didn't change much about how people treat me.
they laugh at me because i'm different.
well, i laugh harder than them because they're all the same...

i'm nice to you if you're nice to me.
if not, i can get really nasty...
and please....
don't fuckin call me emo or anything.
i'm not.
i'm just myself.


ailabyu manu.
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