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I love watching GG, yes still eventhough there were allot episodes lately that i didnt like as much as the first few seasons. BUt still love watching it. Blair is my favorite character and I have grown to love Dan after he stopped chasing S which i like the least on the show.

I also watch comedy such as 30 Rock and two and a half man (with Charlie Sheen.)

Music is my rock can't live without it, another reason why i love GG so much is because they have great sountracks on the show :D

Very interested in fashion and photography - the whole industry. which agian leads me to Gossip Girl.

I love to get in contact and chat in skype. if you are up for it send me a private message. Im a funny, quirky female who likes to chat. I live in germany but can speak english very well. better then i type haha

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