Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows. Ever. These are the couples that I hope happen in season 5.


MEREDITH AND DEREK Izzie and Alex Callie and Erica Mark and Lexie I really only care about Meredith and Derek. They have to be together. They only couple that i would HATE to see again would be George and Izzie. That was disgusting and just terrible! 


Season 2 was the best, even though Meredith and Derek weren't together. I LOVED the bomb episodes. They were my favorites ever.

I also really like Lost and The Office. 

So, yeah, that's me. I am obsessed with TV. It basically controlls my life.

Oh, and I love the TWILIGHT SERIES. I am in love with Edward. and Jasper. and Emmett. and Carlisle. But mostly Edward and Jasper. Jacob's the worse. I loathe him. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about me. =]

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