Peter: The world is in danger. What am I supposed to do?
Caitlin: We’ll figure it out.
Peter: Please tell me who I am, what the future holds.

Hiro: It happened by accident.
Kensei: You accidentally kissed her?
Hiro: I accidentally fell in love with her, and she with me. I’m so sorry.

Mr. Bennet: You taught me well, my friend. You said make it look as if we were never there. So now, we weren’t. Instead there was a simple home invasion, a senseless murder…
Ivan: I am offering you a way out! You can stop running. Shoot me and there is no turning back. You’ll condemn yourself to hell!
Mr. Bennet: (fires) I know.

Maya: You want to be different?
Sylar: I want to be special, unique. An ability doesn’t have to be a burden, Maya. It can be wonderful

First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could.


You've got a power — by definition, you're better than she is.


To bring down this company, sometimes we have to do bad things.

Mr. Bennet

She's a shiny new toy and she’s all mine.


Support, advice and now gifts. You’re like my own personal Oprah.


"You were right about the company. The world is in danger. It's up to us. Adam."

Adam Monroe's Note

Nathan: Hey, you okay?
Matt: When I was 13, my father ran out on us. I haven't talked to him...I haven't seen him. I've spent half my life thinking about what I'm going to say to this guy if I ever got the chance and now I can't even knock on the door.
Nathan: (Knocks on the door) You're welcome!

Nathan: Listen, I'm guessing this isn't official police business. So if I'm there, it won't really make a difference because officialy, neither are you.
Matt: You don't understand. It's Molly. My father did something to her. She's in trouble.
Nathan: What do you mean "did something to her"?
Matt: Come here. (Both step aside for more privacy)
Nathan: Did what?
Matt: He got inside her head somehow. I don't know how he did it, but I think it's all connected. To Kaito, to your mother. It could be dangerous.
Nathan: I can take care of myself. Listen, I have to do this. Let me come with you.
Matt: Fine. We can probably get there faster, you know, 'cause you can uh...(Nods his head upward)
Nathan: I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman!
Matt: Oh, please

Heroes Season 2 Quotes

That's easy for you to say. You're not wading into the shark-infested water of 11th grade.


You have to be entirely unextraordinary."

Mr. Bennet