You are gonna have to look in the mirror because the pot is definitely calling the black. Screwing is all you do.


Mark: What the Hell do you care, Sam?
Sam: I just care.

I care about Mark Sloan. I loved him once... sure, he's got a screwed up moral compass. But so do I.


Mark: Plastics.
Charlotte: Sexology.
Mark: Sexology? God, I love L.A.

Sloan is a Dachshund. Dachshunds like to eat poop.


I'm not the one that blew up the house.


Mark Sloan had you naked within an hour of his arrival. Now, what does that say to you?


Hi. Did you sleep with Mark Sloan on the floor of your office?


I said put something on top of it. Don't put something on me!


Addison: When did we get so...
Mark: OLD!
Addison: I was gonna say "sad."

Cooper: She's crazy cakes!
Violet: That's your diagnosis?
Cooper: Crazy cakes!

Mark: What are you laughing at?
Pete: Nothing. Saving the world one boob job at a time?

Private Practice Season 3 Quotes

Violet lives. Save Violet. That is the goal here.


Sheldon: We. WE are in love with Violet. We are the possible father of her baby. We are the ones who ignored her concerns about Katie. WE, you smug, arrogant bastard!
Pete: But I'm the one she chose.