Monte: Wait a second. Why are you showing us this?
Maya: Because I'm afraid.
Jasper: Of what?
Maya: That you're next.

Finn: I'm sorry.
Raven: We all have battle scars, Finn. Suck it up and built a brace for yours.

Clarke: I don't even know who you are any more
Finn: Neither do I
Clarke: What have we become?

Just because they pardoned you, doesn't mean I have.


Do you see that? I knew it. He lied. My people are out there.


You fought well.


Don't worry, Bellamy. I won't drop you.


What are you doing in here, Wrench Monkey?


Murphy: Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches.
Bellamy: Shut up, Murphy.

Clarke: We don't have to be enemies.
Anya: And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need.

Octavia: If you're gonna kill me, get it over with.
Nyko: You proved yourself well, Octavia of the sky people. We'll let you live.

We're not going back to your dropship. You killed 300 of my warriors. I can't show my face without a prize.