Family Get Together - 1923
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The cowboys are coming home, and Elizabeth runs to greet Jack, falling along the way.

Jacob is the last in line as his riding and jumping days are over.

Banner arrives home bloodied up, and his wife is worried.

Everyone goes to town for a respite.

They're paving a road nearby and even installing electricity. Everyone is taken by the electric washing machine and refridgerator, but Jack and John just imagine that paying for it will create more work for them to keep paying for all of it.

Jacob pays the sheriff a visit. He wants men on the range keeping people off their land.

Jacob runs into a fellow in the street, and the complain about pretty much everything.

It's too late for them to head back, but Jacob says they have hotel and there's food there, too.

Some man eyes Jacob with an agenda.

We finally get a scene with John and Emma. She wants to listen to music before they go back to the hotel where somene can wait on her for once.

Jack and the other young ones are heading to an underground speakeasy. It's hoppin'. Elizabeth feels like she's back in the city. Jack says this is a city, but she doesn't think Boseman counts.

Men are drining Gin Rickys and women are drinking Bees Knees. Jack orders four of each.

People are jitterbugging on the dance floor, and Elizabeth wants to try it. They have very nice sized drinks, I must say.

Elizabeth and Jack are quite randy by the time they get to the hotel. She slides into her room saying, "I promise I'm worth the wait." But before he walks away, she opens the door to him. He finds her struggling to get out of her onesie. She thinks she fumbled the moment, but he promises that she hasn't fumbled anything.

Soon, she stands naked before him before helping him to undress. They laugh at the excitement of it.

Time to head to Africa!

At the latest location, there has been so many killings that they're feeding the goat they're using as bait. Spencer thinks she's either old or hurt, but the other fellow says the people aren't eaten at all but just killed, as if it's fun for her.

The guy's biggest worry is that the hyena drags a man down and lions stumble upon it, giving a whole pride a taste for men.

Alexandra wakes in the tent and heads outside. She's awed by the beauty of the place, and Spencer agrees. She wonders if he believes that we all come from animals. He says in America you can walk up on an animal and it runs away. Here, they look at you like you're a nuiscance. She wants to see the child's footprints he's mentioned in lava rock.

She's loving every minute of their journey. When they stop, Spencer has decided that her name is too long. He just wants to call her Alex. Before they reach their destination, he has demanded she marry him, and he's accepted.

She sees the tiny little footprint and feels small. She's overcome that their time here is an eye blink, one exhaled breath, and they're gone. That's why he's not wasting any time with her.

There are elephants crossing the road. Spencer says they don't even look real to him. Like God just made shapes out of clouds. She's got tears in her eyes. They talk some more before an elephant begins to attack them. It knocks over the vehicle and they are trapped underneath it. It pulls the car with its trunk as Spencer shoots. Then if falls down. OMG. NO. Not the elephant.

Alex has blood on her forehead. She's scared to death. They've got to right the car, and amazingly, they do it.

He cannot get it started. They need to get up in a nearby tree to survive. They only have one gun. That can't be good. He carries a very small bottle of alcohol. This could be their last night, she says. I won't let it, he says.

Apride of lions approaches to eat the dead elephant. That will keep them busy for a while. The hyenas are nearby, and its those that he's hunting. Even the lions are out of sorts with the howling hyenas. Alex screams, and a lion comes to the tree. Spencer shoots it. The other lions visit the dead lion, and Spencer shoots. It's going to be like this all night. Alex is beyond herself with fear, howling louder than any of the animals. Three vehicles are approaching, and Alex screams like crazy to get their attention.

Spencer wonders if she is still his fiancee. She says they'll talk about it in the car.

The weight of what happened rests on Spencer's shoulders. He and Alex talk it out, and it ends with them hoping the car moves a little faster so they can make love for a third time today.

Cara watches Jacob shave and wonders what it says about us as a species that they created a razor for women to shave their legs and then created a need for it. She thinks greed will be the thing that ends them all. She just wanted to talk, and she just wanted him to listen.

Jacob looks in the mirror, wondering who the old man is starin' at him in the mirror. When did that happen?

Jacob sends the cowboys ahead of them with the thought that if there is any trouble, they'll run into it first.

The cowboys didn't get the trouble, and Elizabeth is the first to be shot. John is next. The wagon takes off with Elizabeth in it. Cara and Emma are running twoard the the brush. The cowboys hear something and double back. Jack is trying to catch the wagon, jumps aboard and stops it, pulling Elizabeth from it.

Banner's gang is nuts. John, Cara, and Jacob are pickin' on the gang, but they're all ove the place. Banner drives up in a car on the other side of them. He's got a freakin' automatic weapon. They're all shot. The fuck??? Cara and Emma are still running, but John and Jacob have been gunned down.

Zane and the cowboys have arrived, but this is a friggin' mess. Cara runs right out into the melee. Jacob isn't doing well. John is dead! OMG. Shot right through the eye. Emma just rurns round and walks off into the dirt.

This is when Cara runs into the woods and kills the escaping man.

They're racing to the kitchen. They've got to perform surgery right there.

Jacob tells Cara she's got to get Spencer home.

Emma is still in the wagon when the doctor arrives. Cara grabs her paper, heads to the porch, and writes a letter to Spencer to come home.

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1923 Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jack: So you sell the electricity and then rent all the things that need electricity?
Salesman: More or less.
Jack: We don't need any of these things.
Salesman: Well, they're conveniences. Their use gives you time to do other things.
Jack: What other things?
Salesman: Well, other chores.
Jack: You'll invent machines to do those, and then what do we do?
Salesman: Go on a picnic. Go for a swim. Go to the cinema! You can enjoy a more leisurely life.

Wife: Banner, my God. What happened?
Banner: The fucking Duttons happened.