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Jack lets Chloe unknowingly lead him to her group of hackers and she's hurt he didn't trust her. He needs their help to find Derek Yates who is involved in the plot to kill President Heller.

When Yates escapes from Jack, he assumes that his buyer Margo double crossed him. When his girlfriend hears he's making plans to find another buyer, she kills him and takes his intel. Yates had no idea his girlfriend was Margo's daughter.

Lt. Tanner is set up as a patsy to go down for the drone attack in Afghanistan which killed both British and Americans. President Heller plans to talk to Parliament directly despite Mark's objections.

Navarro reinstates Kate Morgan until they find Jack Bauer. 

Jack and Chloe get ahold of Yates' technology that allows him to hijack drones but it self destructs before they can get it to authorities. 

24: Live Another Day
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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

It is on you to reacquire Bauer and I suggest you do it quickly or you can kiss your career goodbye.

Mark (to Navarro)

There's no going back for me.