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On the second hour of 24, Jack is told to come to CTU for a debriefing. This means he has to meet Kim at the airport in order for the family to move back to Los Angeles together.

As soon as he arrives at headquarters, Jack overheads Hastings chewing out/making a deal with Ortiz. The latter had said his team needed more men in its mission to pick Jack and the murdered informant up; instead, Hastings only ordered one helicopter and some sort of drone to the scene. The chopper was then blown up and two men killed, of course. But Hastings tells Ortiz to leave the pair's disagreement out of his official report... or else!

From there, we learn that CTU has taken the reporter, Meredith Reed, into custody. They found encrypted files that showed Hassan's security detail in her apartment. Seems awfully quick and convenient, doesn't it? As Meredith claims her innocence during an interrogation with Hastings, Chloe shares her concerns with Jack:

How could they have picked up Reed so quickly? Look at these traffic camera photos, there's a man entering Reed's apartment and then leaving right around the time the files were found?

Meanwhile, over at the United Nations, we discover who the true traitor is: Hassan's brother pulls him aside and says he must deny any affair with Reed to the press. It seems like a logical PR move, but when Hassan walks away, Farrad makes a phone call and we learn his true motivation: dude totally wants his brother killed! He tells the Evil Russian Dude that he's passed along the advice to Hassan and hopefully an affair denial from him will keep CTU talking with Reed, focusing on the wrong suspect.

Back at CTU, we're treated to the season's first B plot: Dana receives a phone call from someone that says he knows her true identity and refers to her as "Jenny." She hangs up on him, but then calls someone else she knows. She tells this friend that the guy has somehow found her, and she has no idea how or what he wants. Sounds like the guy on the phone has just been released from prison. Clearly, Cole doesn't know about Dana's secret, though Arlo overhears part of the phone call.

As for Jack, he brings Chloe's concerns to Hastings, but is shot down. He's convinced he has the suspect (Reed) in custody. Just as Jack is prepared to go to Los Angeles, Kim actually talks sense into him. She knows her father will never be able to live with himself if something happens that he could have prevented. As a result, Jack stays at CTU, breaks into the gun locker, is briefly apprehended by CTU agents, but is then given permission by Hastings (using the aforementioned disagreement between him and Ortiz as blackmail material) to find the man on the traffic camera that may have planted evidence against Reed. Jack is off, Chloe is running ops and all is right in the world again!

Except for this: the episode concludes with Evil Russian Dude stopping by the house of a friend. These two are both New York police officers and Russian Dude wants to trade shifts with the pal. But when he refuses, Russian Dude takes the next, diabolical step: he pulls out a gun, shoots the friend's wife in the leg and tells his (now former) buddy to call their captain and explain the shift change.

Cut to black!

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