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James Franco guest starred in the first of two installments of 30 Rock on the 14th of January.

"Klaus and Greta" saw James playing perverted version of himself, which was pretty hysterical.

Franco's obsession with body pillows (and other objects) gave us nightmares, but no matter.

Liz's willingness to go along with the disturbing fantasy in the end? Well, that speaks for itself.

The episode also offered Jack being disgusted with Jonathan's lack of lithe-ness, Kenneth unhitching his pelvis, the staff's Today Show drinking game, and Tracy declaring Kenneth's haircut an insult to lesbians.

In the end, pretty standard fare.

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

[forgetting what floor he works on] Six! I knew it was a character from Blossom, but I couldn't find the Joey Russo button.


The local station edited Will & Grace so much that it was just called Karen.