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Jack heads to Washington to talk to Congress and make sure Vertical Integration stays where it's at.  While there a Congresswoman questions Jack about why NBC is so racist.

Kenneth is trying to get back into the page program, but needs to beef up his interview skills so he goes to Jenna for help.  She continues to coach him for a pageant like interview with the head of the pages.

When Jack gets back to New York he asks Tracy to help make NBC more diverse.  He also promotes Toofer to head-co writer of TGS.

Dot Com creates a new series about an African-American family in Detroit, but Tracy and Grizz get him to re-write a talking dog into the script.

Toofer goes on a talk show to discuss his position as head writer on TGS and Liz gets jealous of him.  The Congresswoman then gives Liz credit for what she does for the show.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

What if we have to stay over night, and there aren't enough rooms, and we have to share a room, and I forgot to bring a shirt to sleep in, and the stores are all closed...

Jonathan [to Jack]

Hey, will you ask Congress where they put the USA Network. I've been trying to find Monk for like three months.

Liz [to Jack]