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Jack is pitching a perfect game in solving things, which he has coined "Reaganing". Liz needs Jack to give her a ride to the airport to meet with Carol to talk. In the car on the way to the airport, Jack tries to solve Liz's performance problems in bed.  After many failed attempts he finally fixes Liz's problem.

Tracy has to shoot a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club of America or a judge will make him join the Coast Guard. Of course Tracy can't get his line correct so the shoot goes on forever. Jack comes in to the shoot and voices over Tracy's line to get the commercial done.

Jenna sends Kenneth to Carvel to buy a cake for the crew with her unlimited ice cream card. It comes back wrong so Jenna has him return it and receives cash back. The two of them, along with Kelsey Grammer then scam Carvel out of loads of money using this same plan.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I just need to see him and I can't get a cab because Greece is playing Pakistan in soccer.


Because you have so many unsolvable problems. Like your mouth! It looks like somebody kicked a whole in a bag of flour.

Jonathan (to Liz)