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Parts 1 and 2


Criss convinces Liz to have a real Valentine's Day with her.  They decide to cook dinner at home, but they need a table.  Against Liz's intuition, they head to Ikea.  While there, they fight, and Liz thinks they broke up.  When she gets home, Criss is setting the table and tells her it was just a fight.


Avery's mom comes to see Jack.  They attempt to get her daughter back by going to the U.N., but that is unsuccessful.  The more time they spend together the more they realize they want each other.  They resist the urge to sleep together and hit golf balls instead.


Tracy and Frank decide to help Lutz get action on Valentine's Day by teaching him dirt bag moves.  He's unsuccessful and even hits on Liz outside the Ikea.


Jenna prepares to sing on America's Kidz Got Singing, but she gets the yips and can't do it.  Pete tries to help her, and realizes she needs to be in pain to perform well.  He shoots her with an arrow and she does well.


30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

I love you, myself.


Mrs. Jessup: Admit it's annoying when Bono comes around.
Transylvanian: Oh it's the worst! Every time he says he's not hungry when we collect money for pizza, and then he eats like three slices!