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After discussing their stances on dating, Billie and Zack agree to see other people.  However, Billie finds her pregnancy getting in the way of any of her potential dates.

Accidentally on Purpose
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Accidentally on Purpose Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Davis [about Billie and Zack]: Don't stress him out. She's not gonna try to marry him. She's just gonna mold him into a boring funless drone whose sole purpose in life is to accompany her to the fabric store! I mean, Shark Week? That's canceled. Peeing in the sink, finished! [to Zack]: I mean, she's gonna have your balls in a bear trap. But other than that, you are all good!

Olivia: [James] mailed you the box? Ohh, that is the work of a breakup master!
Billie: So I've heard. Why did I date the breakup master? Why can't I meet the relationship master?