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Dr. Rosen wakes up on a park bench next to a vision of Dani. She leads him to an Alpha that can remove the bullet and heal the wound. The vision of Dani guides Rosen along, and helps him figure out a way to bring Stanton Parish down. When face to face with Parish, however, Rosen does not have the heart to kill him.

Parish informs Rosen of his plan, telling Rosen that he will be seen as a murderer, and that he will end up having to go into hiding. Parish recommends that Rosen hide somewhere and close his eyes because he wants him to be the man to lead the Alphas in this new world he is about to create. Cameron shoots Parish in the head.

Meanwhile, with the help of Skylar the team races to put a stop to Rosen's place of killing all non-Alphas. With a little help from FEMA they are able to bring the entire power grid to blackout except for Grand Central Station. Unfortunately, the team is too late and the blast goes off as expected, and sends everyone, including the Alphas team, to the ground. Gary is the only one unaffected. The episode ends with Gary standing over Nina, Bill, Cameron, Rosen, Rachel, and Parish.

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Alphas Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

He's so pretty, but so useless.


What the hell am I doing? I've never stole anything before in my life.