On American Crime Season 2 Episode 2, Anne calls the police to report the sexual assault on her son, but is shocked by how the police respond.

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When you watch American Crime Season 2 Episode 2 online you'll learn just how close minded people are when it comes to sexual assault cases. Anne calls the police to report the sexual assault on Taylor, but the police are surprised to learn the case involves a male victim. Unfortunately, Taylor doesn't want to talk to the cops and they inform Anne the only way they will be able to help is if they get information from Taylor. They do suggest Taylor go get a rape kit done. After some convincing, Taylor goes in for the rape kit and the nurse administering the rape kit suggests to Anne that Taylor get tested for HIV just in case. Later Anne goes to a detective with the case, but he doesn't see it as a big deal. He tries to convince Anne that this is something all kids do and maybe she should let the case go so Taylor can move on with his life. Anne becomes even more angry and decides to go to a local reporter with the story, but will only give her information on the case if she keeps Taylor's name oout of the story. The reporter agrees, but tells Anne people will be able to piece things together and figure out it was Taylor. Anne continues on with the interview. Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch American Crime online via TV Fanatic anytime.

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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 2, Leslie tries to position the school ahead of the investigation while Taylor tries to get authorities to take him seriously.

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