On American Crime Season 2 Episode 3, new evidence comes to light after an article is published online about the party and sexual assault on Taylor.

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When you watch American Crime Season 2 Episode 3 online you'll see what lengths kids will go to keep a secret. When the article comes out online about the sexual assault that happened at the captain's party all the parents scramble to figure out what happened. Kevin's name is used in the article because he is of legal age and Terri and Michael pull him out of school right away. Terri demands to know what happened at the party and Kevin admits there was alcohol, drugs and sex, but he had nothing to do with the assault. They send Kevin to his room and have a talk with one of their friends at the police station who confirm the sexual assault happened, but it happened to a boy. Terri can't seem to wrap her head around a boy getting raped and Michael gets angry and demands answers from Kevin who continues to say he knows nothing. In the end, one of the detectives goes to the school to talk with Leslie who continues to deny anything happened. Leslie's surprised when the detective confirms they now how proof the sexual assault happened and all the players are going to have to go through DNA testing as the investigation is now being conducted. Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch American Crime online now via TV Fanatic anytime.

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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 3, new evidence surfaces that raises questions about what really happened on the night of the alleged assault on Taylor.

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