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The top 12 women performed live for the first time this week, and while none stole the show, the judges seemed overly harsh on the semifinalists. Simon, in particular, kept urging the singers to do something different and give him a "Wow!" moment.

But did he forget that he selected this dozen? Many of them (Janell Wheeler, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox) are laid back guitar players. They're in the Taylor Swift mold. If Simon was looking to be blown away from a show-stopping performance, he should have chosen more rockers like Ashley Rodriguez (who didn't fare very well).

Here's a look at our top five performers from the evening:

  1. Michelle Delamor: If you're basing a vote on pure vocal talent, she was the clear winner. We would have stayed away from Alicia Keys, especially this early, but came across like a professional singer.
  2. Crysyal Bowersox: She's original and she doesn't even seem to care about being on the show. That attitude is almost refreshing and helps her stand out.
  3. Siobhan Magnus: What a dark, different kind of performance. We loved her rendition of "Wicked Game" and she's a dark horse to win because she falls in between the loud divas and the quiet guitar players.
  4. Didi Benami: Enjoyed her version of "The Way I Am," but do have one concern: is she pigeon-holed already? How versatile of an artist can she be?
  5. Lilly Scott: A unique sound and look. Great arrangement on "Fixing a Hole," an underrated Beatles single.

Who was your favorite on the evening?

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