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After watching Casey James perform "Blue Skies" this week, Frank Sinatra might be rolling in his grave. The former front-runner was seriously THAT awful.

Without his guitar, Casey was simply lost. We rank the performers below, and must give a shout out to Harry Connick Jr. - that's how you mentor!

  1. Lee DeWyze: Really is making a run at Crystal now. Ellen said his rendition of "That's Life" would have won the title if he sung it on the finale. That's saying a lot, maybe too much. But we loved it.
  2. Michael Lynche: Always wear a fedora, Big Mike. Always. He connects with the audience better than any contestant.
  3. Crystal Bowersox: Perfectly solid, but nothing spectacular. Is she coasting until the finals? That could be dangerous.
  4. Aarok Kelly: His take on "Fly Me to the Moon" didn't change our opinion: he isn't top-five material.
  5. James: Had no clue what to do without a guitar in his hands.
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