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Karn meets with Banyin to discuss fundraising efforts for the RNC -- he's been named California campaign finance chair for the Nixon campaign. This means he'll be vetted. They know that Hodiak is looking into one of Manson's missing hookers.

Hodiak goes over Carolyn Beecher's file with Dunphy.  

At a department poker game, the cop who was guarding Emma asks what happened to her.

Emma and Roy talk about Mary and the baby. Eliot Hillman, a music producer, shows up to see Manson.

Grace visits Hodiak at the station. They question why Karns was representing Manson.

Shafe is at the Peach Pussycat with Jimmy Too, discussing the possibility of the bikers helping Jimmy with his buisiness.

At the station, Vickery is concerned that Lucille has called him for a meeting. 

Manson plays for Hillman.

Hodiak tries to patch things up with Cutler, who rebuffs him. 

Father Mack is back to visit Hodiak, with concerns about another pastor at the Parish. Hodiak agrees to investigate.

Manson breaks a string on the guitar while playing and becomes upset. He pulls Emma off Hillman, and berates her.

Emma takes Hillman to a bedroom. Before it goes anywhere, she defends Manson to him. Hillman ends up leaving.

Hodiak meets his friend at the station and buts him on the priest case. 

Hodiak visits a former hooker who is now a nurse, Martha Kendall, at a hospital cafeteria. 

Roy visits Jimmy Too at the Peach Pussycat at meeting Shafe brokered. They make peace.

Hodiak asks Martha to ask her former friends about Nancy.

Lucille wanted Vickery for sex. She and Jimmy have a disagreement about how the business should be run. 

Karn tells Grace about his new role, and they go over how to present their private life.

Emma notices her father watching her. He offers to have her emancipated. She tells him that she knows about him and Manson. 

Hodiak's retired friend visits him at home and updates him on the priest case. The priest has been playing in a high stakes poker game. 

Hodiak updates Father Mack, who requests that charges not be brought.

Charlie berates his followers, blaming them for his poor performance in front of Hillman. He orders everyone to take a double dose of LSD. 

Martha lets Hodiak know that she was unable to find anything. 

Cutler is having a fight on the phone with his wife. Hodiak steals the phone and covers for Cutler.

Manson holds down a girl having a bad trip, and Emma takes the opportunity to leave the Ranch, dropping her does of acid before she hits the road.

Cutler and Shafe help Hodiak go through files on prostitutes. Dunphy takes a call -- Father Mack has been murdered. 

At the church, Hodiak and Cutler show the gambling priest Father Mack's body, and Hodiak punches the priest.

Jimmy goes to retrieve a package and is shot by Roy, who has teamed up with Lucille.

Hodiak is in bed with Martha when Grace shows up. After she leaves, Hodiak asks Martha about Louise Mitchell.

Karn goes out to the desert and digs up a body -- likely Carolyn Beecher. 

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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Manson: There's a cop in my head, distracting me, stealing my thoughts, because of you.
Emma: I know, I'm sorry. What can I -- What can I do?
Manson: You can start by making the music man happy so he'll stay. I don't care how. But if he goes, I will care about that.

Trust me. Don't trust yourself. You're not reliable.