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The aftermath of an unexpected loss is the focus of this episode.

Denise is falling apart, unable to leave the house, focusing solely on her new baby girl. Frank is concerned but giving her space. She is blaming herself for his death because she gave him her permission to reenlist.

When Frank walks by a reenlistment ceremony he, too, cannot help but think back to Jeremy's own reenlistment.

Trevor tells General Holden what he thinks about the Afghan troops and Jeremy's death because of their inability to step up. Michael talks to one of the Army analysts and hopes he can get the message of inexperience through to those who can help.

Claudia Joy and Michael are not only caring for their friends but thinking back to the loss of their own daughter not long ago.

Roxy receives a business opportunity and runs it by Trevor. He wants her to hold back on any decisions until he is home.

Roland continues to react to Jeremy's death. He is having difficulty clearing his current patients for active duty.

Chase returns and Pamela jumps into his arms. She tells him she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.


Army Wives
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