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Everyone is excited about Pamela and Chase's upcoming nuptials and they are talked out of their small wedding and into a proper wedding. Things go wrong and the wives come together to save the day with a venue and a dress.

Whit has moved his trailer to the parking lot of The Hump Bar and commenced building the truck stop. Without Trevor's knowledge.

Claudia Joy and Chandler encounter a woman under threat of deportation. Her husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Denise has a horrid stomach flu and Joan and Roland take care of Molly while she's sick.

Joan and Roland once again question their decision to have another child.

Claudia Joy is having pains in her side. She receives the results; they have found a mass in her abdomen.

Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Heck, Trevor doesn't even have to know Whit was ever here!


Pamela: Okay, you win. We're having a wedding.
Roxy: Yay! See, I knew you'd come around if I nagged you enough.
Pamela: Actually, smartass, it was Katie. She's nuts about a big wedding, she downloaded all this stuff and I just can't disappoint her.