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Jackie becomes more addicted to pills as Kevin continues to treat her horribly.

General Holden looks into incident at the orphanage.

David's birth father visits Roland at his office.

All of the wives struggle with their husbands as they deal with the aftermath of the orphan situation.

Frank apologizes to the female civilian they left behind, and got spat in the face.

Claudia Joy comes home.

Frank opens up to Denise, Kevin verbally pummels Jackie and Trevor shares some of the horrors of war with Roxy.

Jackie shows up to the banquet drunk and with several Xanax in her system.

The 32nd Airborne is exonerated in the inquisition.

Kevin and Jackie make amends and Jackie dumps her pills.



Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Roland: Do we know each other?
Marcus: No we don't.
Roland: But you told my assistant it was a family matter.
Marcus: It is. I'm David's father.

They're soldiers and they have to follow orders. If Trevor says it was the right call, then it was the right call.