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Claudia Joy's disdain for Jackie damages her relationship with Denise on Army Wives this week.

David get's hurt playing basketball and his blood gets on another boy's open scab.

The entire base seems to rally against David via Joan's blog.

Roxy agrees to help a wife of a member of Trevor's platoon. It doesn't go well.

Denise and Claudia Joy continue to butt heads.

Charlie sets up a meeting between the families on base to talk about HIV.

Claudia Joy promises Denise to start fresh when Jackie comes back and they stop their feud.

Claudia Joy falls to the floor and doesn't believe it is her diabetes.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Well I'm not gonna just sit here and let them attack our kid.


Pull your pants up man. Don't nobody want to look at your underwear. We are young men of character, remember? Thank you!