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Gloria worries about Hector being seriously injured.

Latasha learns that Quincy is shot in the arm and leg.

Pat suffered a ruptured eardrum and Hector a head wound.

Denise gets Latasha a flight to Germany free of charge with the Air Force.

Joan declines the offer from the War College and decides to retire.

Gloria offers a ride to Hector and Patrick sees in that more than there is.

Joan and Michael have a heart to heart about her decision to retire.

Denise picks up visiting the wives of those who lost loved ones just where Claudia Joy left off.

Truman doesn't react well to Holly's sexy night attire.

Hector is promoted to Corporal and takes Gloria out to dinner to celebrate.


Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Jackie: I'm not going to relax until I see Patrick.
Kevin: Don't baby him, Kevin. He's not the same boy as when he left. Jackie?
Jackie: I heard you.

The thought of going to the War College, the possibility of serving at the highest level has always been my dream. You made me believe in that dream and I will always be grateful, I hope you know that.