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PART ONE: After Gwen leaks that she's going to ask Lisa to rehire Sofie, Sofie overhears Alison complaining about Aaron being too close to her. Sofie sends Alison on her way and then tells Gwen she's got to do this herself. Gwen disagrees but Sofie claims they're not a good combination and asks her to stay out of her life. After Barbara hears Alison laying into Sofie, she runs to warn Will about allowing Alison to have anything to do with Gwen getting pregnant but Will won't listen.

PART TWO: Barbara panics when Gwen reports that Alison's eggs are "ready." Aaron tries to apologize to Alison but she won't let him talk and ends up making it worse. Later, he tells Sofie that Alison ended things. Interrupting yet another argument, Bob then advises Lily and Holden that it's too early to call his paralysis permanent. When Luke asks about his prognosis, Lily tries to cover for their bad news but Holden insists on telling it to him straight.

PART THREE: They explain he'll need plenty of rehab and urge him not to give up. Seeing Luke's obviously upset Noah (Jake Silbermann) hasn't stopped by, Lily starts to call him but Holden stops her. As they yell at each other, Faith asks them to stop because Luke is feeling "really bad." When Dusty tries to reassure Noah that he is not to blame for all that's happened to Luke (Van Hansis), Noah questions him about his mother. When no one is looking, Noah grabs a bottle of vodka from the bar and heads outside. Maddie catches him drinking and insists that he's not to blame for Luke's troubles.

PART FOUR: Pointing out how she forced herself to visit Casey in the hospital, she also insists on taking him back to her place if he won't go to the hospital. But when they arrive, she lays into him for drinking. He just responds by kissing her. Dusty finds Lily and Holden at their worst outside Luke's room. He tries to explain things to Holden but Holden eventually punches him, just as Lily returns.

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