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Craig presses Dusty to accept his help and arranges for Josie to arrive at the station house. She urges Dusty to let her tell the police that Paul hired her to trick him.

Later, Craig again invites Dusty to accept his help and suggests they work together to find Johnny. Dusty isn't interested but Margo's curious about his motives.

Hearing about his wedding troubles, Lily invites Jack to have the wedding at her place. Carly finds Janet at Fashions, returning her $5,000 wedding dress.

Later, at Janet's place, Carly discovers her rival trying on different dresses for the big day and offers to alter one for her. Jack arrives and is shocked to hear of Carly's offer.

Janet then invites Carly to the wedding. Carly runs to confide in Lily who worries how difficult it will be to watch Jack get married.

Carly decides she must witness the ceremony so she can move on with her own life. Jack calls Lily about setting the day after tomorrow as their wedding day.

Paul suffers a terrible nightmare in which Meg rejects him for Craig and Dusty. Meg comforts him but after she leaves, Josie arrives and refuses to leave until she's had a chance to talk with Meg.

Paul considers grabbing his hand gun but Meg arrives and insists on hearing what she has to say. Josie tells her story and though Paul keeps accusing her of lying, Meg sends Josie away and announces to Paul that she doesn't believe him.

Paul insists he can fix this and agrees to go to the station house to free Dusty. There, he tells Margo that Dusty shot him in self-defense so she releases him.

While Josie takes Dusty out for coffee, Paul returns to Fairwinds where Meg hands him back his key and vows to have their baby on her own. Josie asks Dusty for another chance but he's not sure if he can do that.

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