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Brad is taken aback when Katie warns that if he goes to see Craig about Spencer, he shouldn't bother coming back. Brad insists on questioning Doni about the case.

As a result, he blasts her for not doing enough to find her.

Craig's not pleased when Dani interrupts his chat at the Lakeview Bar with Carly. Craig covers by claiming he didn't realize Dani had a crush on him.

Craig angrily blasts Dani for confronting him and warns her to do as he says or face the consequences.

Carly catches Katie looking for Craig and realizes that he forced her to provide him with an alibi so all charges would be dropped.

Brad overhears Dani and Craig in close conversation as he warns her that she almost "blew his cover" and later confronts Craig.

While Barbara chastises Paul for losing Meg again, Meg is busy apologizing to Dusty for how Paul's schemes and lies hurt him.

Paul approaches Josie about talking to Meg on his behalf but she can't believe Meg would be stupid enough to believe anything she said.

She tries to leave but when he won't let go of her arm, Dusty and Meg find them arguing. Dusty orders Craig to let Josie go.

Meg sends Dusty away with Josie while she lectures her husband. Paul follows Meg to the farm where he insists on taking her to the hospital after he finds her in pain.

There, Meg's given the okay and goes back to the farm alone. Josie tells Dusty that Paul wants her help getting Meg back.

Urging her to leave town, Dusty warns her how dangerous Paul is but she claims she can't leave Oakdale because she really does have amnesia.

He offers her money but backs off when she claims he's just like Paul. Calming down, Josie convinces him to have dinner with her.

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