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As Katie and Brad tape a new segment, the two smell a foul odor in the studio. Brad tracks the odor to his locker - where a dead body falls out.

After he pulls back the plastic to reveal the body has no face left, Margo and Dani arrive. Margo orders Dani to call for forensics while she takes Brad and Katie downtown.

Instead, Dani dials a mystery person to report that everything is going as planned. Dani then gives Margo a report that shows Spencer's dental records match those of the dead person from the locker.

Katie sends out an email asking her mystery benefactor for help and promising anything in return.

Told her car is waiting outside, Katie is shocked to find Craig Montgomery inside, waiting.

When Casey complains about the lack of decent jobs available to him, Tom reminds him he's an ex-con and gives him two weeks to land a new job or he'll be out on the street.

Alison lectures Luke about drinking after she sees him staggering.

He lies about it but she realizes the truth and insists he go to the hospital for a check up.

There, Casey plays the hero when he keeps Lily from seeing Luke there.

Lily reassures Brian when Lucinda kicks him out as she's about to be examined. Later, Brian worries to see Luke emerge from the hospital room and helps him slip out before Lily can see him.

Given his key, Luke takes shelter in Brian's room at the Lakeview where he finds a suspicious letter from Brian's ex-wife that mentions a request to send the monthly check.

After Casey tells her about the ultimatum from Tom, Alison shows him her divorce document which is now official.

When he touches her arms to comfort her, she surprised him by ordering him to stop touching her.

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