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Luke enters in time to hear Lucinda complaining to Brian that he doesn't want to be alone with her. Lucinda slams the bedroom door on him.

Brian defends his decision to try to take her out tonight and tells Luke that he's trying to help her. Luke warns that Lucinda is going to find out why he won't have sex with her.

In her hotel room, Alison and Casey are confused after she kisses him.

He then kisses her back and takes her to bed for a few seconds before she jumps out as he finds a toy under a pillow.

After privately calling Lucy to warn her to stay away from the hotel room, Alison returns and finds a naked Casey waiting for her in bed.

Walking in the hallway, Maddie overhears Casey's voice and is brought to tears when she realizes he's inside with Alison.

When Casey confides that their kiss made him want more, a smitten Alison confesses that she felt the same. But when she stops again, Casey hops out of bed and explains that he knows that she's not ready for sex.

Maddie runs to Metro where she seeks Noah's help.

As Luke watches, Noah takes Maddie out to the diner where she cries on his shoulder that she found out Casey's sleeping with Alison.

Brian spots an upset Luke start drinking and offers to take him home. Instead, Luke accuses him of wanting him and kisses Brian.

Noah sees the kiss and punches Brian before taking Luke away.

Running into Derek at the Metro bar, Jade denies that she wants or needs him on her life. However, she does confess that while she prayed everyday that she would one day find her biological father, she now prays that he's not that guy.

Having changed her mind, Lucinda stops by Metro and then finds her bloodied husband who lies that he was mugged.

Noah runs out when he realizes that Luke initiated the kiss.

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