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Dusty reveals that Josie told him Paul hired her. He also vowed to kill him.

Emily claims she has no idea what he's talking about.

Barbara is next to chat with Dusty at the station house and doesn't believe his claims about Paul and Josie. Meg is unnerved to find Craig back in town.

Though she insists that he's guilty, Craig claims he created a "smokescreen" so he could go look for Johnny.

As she assures him that she's happy with Paul, Paul interrupts and orders Craig to get out.

Later, Paul secretly meets with Emily about Dusty and, as they talk, Craig secretly listens. Later, Barbara is disgusted when she runs in to Craig who announces that all charges were dropped against him.

Craig later offers to help Dusty but he's not interested.

Armed with the letter he found in Brian's suite, Luke confronts Carolyn, his ex-wife and asks why they divorced. Carolyn won't say and walks away when Luke starts to guess the reason.

After facilitating her rehabilitation by dancing the tango, Lucinda is suspicious when Brian backs away from getting close.

Though she fears that sex is not to be a part of their marriage, Brian states that it will be once she is pronounced healthy.

Just then, Carolyn calls with a warning.

Luke advises Noah about his effort to talk with Brian's ex. Brian interrupts and blasts Luke for spying on him and bothering people like his ex-wife.

He demands that Luke stop and denies once again that he is gay. He also points out who would be hurt if he makes such an accusation public.

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