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Alison gives Casey a pep talk as he prepares to ask Bob for a job. Casey tries to explain why he's at the hospital, and Bob admits he already knows about Tom's directive.

He agrees to give him a job as an orderly.

Alison is assigned to a patient who has overdosed on drugs and tries to get someone else to handle it when she discovers it's Mark Viro, who forced her to strip during the school election.

Casey does some encouraging of his own but when they return to his room, they find Mark is gone. On a break, Casey finds a despondent Mark on the roof, about to end his life.

Alison is impressed when Casey calms him down and eventually gets him back to his room.

Though Carly is outraged he wants to do this, Jack calls about taking out a second mortgage to pay for the wedding but is turned down, thanks to the economy.

Janet gets Liberty to promise not to talk with Jack about the wedding. Instead, Liberty opens up to Parker that her mother is canceling a dream she's always had about her wedding, thanks to money.

He mentions the trust he has and boasts that he can help her.

They head back to Carly's place where he secretly writes a check to the Lakeview for $20,000.

Jack advises Janet that he can't afford the wedding he wants to give her but she assures him it's crazy to spend so much money on one day.

At the Lakeview, Liberty worries to see Parker signed his mother's name but he assures her it's fine. Carly later finds the check is missing and assumes Jack pressured Parker into forging her name.

Jack denies it so she guesses Janet did or pushed Liberty to force their son's hand.

Janet gets the check back and Parker insists he was trying to give his father a nice celebration which Carly obviously doesn't want to happen.

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