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As the World Turns
Official Recap
March 17, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Matt's thrilled when Alison decides she's willing to take a chance on a relationship with him. He considers slipping a drug into her coffee but then changes his mind.

Gray calls to make sure everything is ready for their plan. When Alison claims she has faith in him, Matt states that he is no good nor is Gray Gerard. Admitting he works for the thug, he asks her to warn Casey.

Henry meets Vienna and kisses her

As they exchange vows, Gray splashes the outside of the church with gasoline. Gray then gives Matt the matches to finish the deed but calls Margo instead. Though Cole claims he's matured since he left, Will and Gwen both tell him they don't need his help. Cole counters that he's not leaving.

The nurse announces that the transfusion has been successful and Hallie will be fine. Cole makes a mystery call to someone and then grabs Hallie. Will and Gwen stop him and get Hallie back as he escapes the guards. Sofie decides she can't be a mother to Hallie. Jack advises Carly that once Parker is out of trouble, he thinks he and Katie can try again. As she hugs him, Carly bursts into his room with the photo from the security tape.

Katie and Brad put the photo on the air which leads to a witness calling about seeing a woman leaving Metro the night Sam was shot. Though Jack urges her not to, Carly decides to go find proof Kit was the homeless woman in the photo. Barbara confides to Kim that she has oral cancer. Chastising her for not telling her, Kim urges her to focus on her own healing and not worry about Gwen and Will.

What happens next? Find out in our As the World Turns spoilers ...

As the World Turns
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