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Katie is curious to hear Spencer's body disappeared along with all the evidence. As a costumed Henry and Vienna play cops and robbers in their hotel room bed, Margo enters with a search warrant.

Henry and Vienna insist Henry had nothing to do with the missing evidence but Margo takes them both to the station house but eventually releases them. They meet Katie and Brad and wonder who is responsible.

Katie confides to Brad about the email.

When Dusty explains that his Jennifer used to sketch like she does, he invites her to meet Barbara later in the lobby.

But when he's called away, Josie spots Barbara on her own and guesses they know each other. Denying it, Barbara's upset by her persistence and later advises Dusty that while they all would want Jennifer back, they can't "recreate" her.

Paul worries to Meg about Dusty's obsession with the new redheaded woman. They decide to go warn Barbara but when they arrive at the Lakeview, they find her already arguing with Dusty about Josie.

When Josie interrupts, Paul orders him to send her away. Dusty defends Josie but as he does so, she runs off. Dusty insists that she's not interested in his money but they don't believe him.

She returns to Josie's room and convinces her to stay. He shows her a photo of Jennifer and offers to help find out who Josie really is. Thanking him, Josie agrees to help him find his son.

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As the World Turns
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