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Jack asks Carly to apologize to Janet for Sage's sake, while Carly tells him she'll think about it but privately refuses to consider it. Janet stops by with brownies for the father/daughter day.

When Jack is called to work, Janet agrees to babysit Sage and though Sage wants nothing to do with her, she tricks her into entering the closet and locks her inside.

Sage refuses to let Janet out until she promises not to marry her father. When Janet won't, Sage calls Carly and lies that Janet hit her.

Hurrying to the farm, Carly refuses to let Janet out and hurries to the station house where she demands Jack arrest Janet.

Jack finds it hard to believe that Janet hit Sage but Carly points to the red mark on her cheek as proof. Jack frees Janet who promises she would never hit his daughter.

Though Janet insists she's never hit anyone, Parker reluctantly reminds her she hit Liberty.

Later, while Liberty thanks Parker for not turning on her mother, Janet tells Jack that if he doesn't believe her, they can't be together.

Carly promises to protect Sage from Janet.

Alison is curious when Kevin hints to her and Casey that Luke's election as president is being reviewed by the university.

After Kevin leaves, Alison gets Casey to admit that he did "help" Luke win by putting extra votes into the ballot box.

When Casey seems unconcerned by his cheating, Alison tells him to grow up. Noah fails to convince Luke to come clean about rigging the election results.

Dean Brewster calls Luke in for a meeting about the election but Luke covers for his cheating. But when Noah also gets a call, Luke pleads with him to lie for him. Noah states that he's not sure that he can.

Later, Luke panics to see Noah with the dean.

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