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Dusty is called back to see Emily at the office. He leaves Josie to shop at Fashions, where Barbara's upset to find her there and asks her to leave.

Josie comments on the delicate French seam and the hand stitching. Barbara guesses she's a designer but Josie claims all these terms are just coming out of her.

Needing help during today's "trunk show" at her hotel room, Barbara reluctantly accepts Josie's offer of help and is impressed by her work.

Emily reports to Dusty that she has been unable to find any record of a Josie Matthew Shriver and fears that the mystery woman is taking advantage of him.

He warns her not to poke around in his "business."

Dusty finds Barbara and Josie working together and is relieved.

Barbara thanks Josie for her help by giving her a dress Jennifer designed. Seeing her wearing it, Dusty calls her beautiful and kisses her.

Brian tricks Lily into meeting Lucinda.

Though Lucinda remains upset with her, Lily finally figures out that her cancer has returned and Lily vows not to abandon her.

Lucinda is grateful and thanks her as she talks up how great a guy Brian is. Lily then takes her home to see the kids. Emerging from the dean's office, Noah warns Luke that he couldn't protect him.

Inside the office, Dean Brewster chastises Luke for his actions.

Meanwhile, Casey blasts Noah for not lying to protect Luke and points out how often Luke has protected him.

While Luke is confessing to Brian that he was expelled, Casey confesses to Dean Brewster that he's to blame for the election tampering and gets expelled himself.

Luke tells Lily what's happened and then accuses Noah of telling the dean because he's jealous.

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