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Luke tells Noah he was standing up for democracy but Noah claims there is no excuse for cheating in the election. Luke accuses Noah of being a coward and running out on him, as both realize they don't trust each other.

Holden returns from his business trip and learns that Luke's been expelled.

As Lily wonders how this happened, Holden invites her to confront Luke together at the farm. There, his parents make him realize the stupid decision he made.

Lily offers to force the university to let him back in because of past donations she's made.

Luke accepts the offer though Holden gets him to admit it's another bad decision. Luke approaches Noah and admits he was wrong.

Noah tells him he's not moving back in because he doesn't know Luke anymore. Hurt, Luke finds some friends and starts drinking.

After they kiss, Josie tells Dusty it's a mistake. He apologizes and decides to give her "space." Meg is pleased when Paul assures her he's not going to press her to move back to Fairwinds.

When Emily claims that Josie is playing Dusty, Barbara orders her to back off. Dusty decides to attend the Global Development Conference in New York so Emily lies about having made a reservation already and insists they go together.

Josie convinces Barbara to give her a job though Paul urges his mother to reconsider. When Dusty overhears Josie singing to Ethan a song that Jennifer would sing too, he calls Emily and lets her know he's not going to New York with her.

She cancels her trip and hurries back to town where she sees Dusty is back with Josie. She calls Paul and warns him they've got to get rid of the "faux Jennifer."

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