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Janet hands Jack her engagement ring and announces that she's "letting him off the hook." Jack argues that he loves her and will marry her no matter what.

He chases her back to the diner and convinces her to put the ring back on. Liberty asks Carly not to ruin her mother's life.

Carly tries to avoid talking about this and then resents it when Liberty accuses her of making mistakes just like her mother.

When Parker arrives, Liberty takes off and later complains to her friend about her fears for her mother. Brian confirms for a drowsy Lucinda that she did propose and he did accept.

When Holden brings Lily for a visit, they're stunned by the news. Lucinda convinces Brian to find someone who will marry them today.

Lily pulls Brian outside and pleads with him not to do this. Ignoring her pleas, Brian promises to take care of her and will do everything to make her life as good as it can be.

Lily tries to convince Lucinda to wait a week but then realizes Lucinda's fear she'll die alone and accepts her decision.

Before the judge marries them, Brian produces a signed prenuptial agreement that assures everyone he only gets a "perfect bride" out of this wedding.

Forcing Luke to drink coffee outside Java, Noah tires of his rudeness and forces him back to the farm where he leaves him.

Luke tries to run after him but is brought back to the farm by Brian

After getting cleaned up, Luke returns to the kitchen topless and bemoans his ruined life. Brian consoles him and as they hug, he pulls Luke to him and kisses him.

Luke is pulls away and asks what that was.

He then runs upstairs. Hearing about the custody hearing, Lily asks Carly if she really wants to know the truth about Janet and Sage.

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