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Alison convinces Casey to tell his parents about his troubles but he won't unless she's there with him. At home Casey announces that Alison is having Thanksgiving there, so Daniel asks Margo if Emily can join.

Casey finally blurts out that he's been expelled and Emily secretly listens as Alison pleads his case to his parents.

While Tom and Casey exchange bitter words, Alison gets Margo to give her son the support she wishes she had when she made a mistake.

After Casey storms off, Tom blames Emily for his son's mistakes.

She throws it back at him and later, tells Casey she made a mistake dumping him. Alison finds them kissing. When Casey asks her to go inside, Emily opts instead to leave.

Josie fears the worst when Dusty announces that it's time to go back to Oakdale after their night in bed together.

She guesses that the "Jennifer connection" ended last night as they had sex but admits that she's falling in love with him.

Caught talking with Paul about Josie, Emily confesses to Meg that she's been pushing him to get rid of the mystery woman and congratulates her on reforming Paul.

He confesses to Meg that he offered her a million dollars to leave town and Meg accepts his apology for not telling her.

When Josie and Dusty return to Oakdale, they run into Meg. Josie watches from afar as she takes Dusty's hand to allow him to feel her baby move.

Dusty tells Josie that Paul is jealous of his relationship with Meg but assures her they are just friends. Later, Paul lashes out at Josie and insists that she do exactly as he orders.

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