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Paul orders Josie to get Dusty away from his wife or he won't pay her.

Josie finally admits she can't do this anymore because she's falling in love with him. Amused, Paul guesses it's only happening because he's feeding her information about Jennifer.

Realizing he's probably right, Josie agrees to continue.

Back with Dusty for their anti- Thanksgiving dinner, Josie suddenly claims she feels that Johnny is cold.

Thanks to Paul, Dusty gets a call about a lead on Lucy and Johnny being in Norway.

As they bump into each other in the kitchen at the farm, Emma urges Janet to slow down where Jack's kids are concerned.

Holden's curious when Luke refuses to call Brian his grand-stepfather but Luke won't explain his anger.

Hurrying back to town, Holden invites Noah to join them at the farm.

Meanwhile, Luke secretly starts drinking before dinner.

When Lucinda brings Brian, Luke makes a rude comment about him.

On his second beer already, Luke's thrilled to see Noah arrive until he realizes it's because Holden invited him.

Hearing Sage wants nothing to do with the family gathering, Janet runs to Carly's place and invites her to join them for Sage's sake.

Carly is outraged by Janet's peace offering but Janet won't let up and insists. When they arrive, Emma welcomes Carly with open arms.

Sage is thrilled too As they sit down and Emma says a few words, Meg announces that she's having a girl and they're naming her Eliza.

Janet then announces she and Jack will tie the knot on New Year's Eve.

After dinner, hearing it was Janet who brought her mother to the farm, Sage thanks Janet and apologizes for lying that she hit her.

Brian warns Luke he can smell the alcohol on his breath but Luke dares him to tell because he knows Brian has bigger secrets.

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