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Brad calls Henry and admits he's in jail on a murder charge. Henry agrees to go see Katie for him, while Dani tells Margo that the fibers from Brad's fingernails match those from Spencer's dress.

When Liberty finds her father handcuffed at the station house, he admits what happened and she assures him she believes he's not a murderer.

Dani catches Henry and Katie snooping and brings them to Margo who chastises them for making things worse for Brad.

Allowed to see Brad, Katie lashes out at him for the stupid things he's done but confirms she still loves him. Paul boasts to Bob that his therapy is helping him. Josie asks Dusty why he's helped her.

He insists that he just wants to help her find out who she is. When Emily meets her, she warns Dusty about the terrible mistake he's making.

Josie asks Dusty about his lady friend and assumes she thinks she's no good.

Dusty takes Josie to Bob who determines she's fine physically but he also suggests it may take months before her memory returns, if ever.

Paul tells Emily that he did not hire a Jennifer lookalike to con Dusty.

Hearing Dusty found one, Paul sternly reports he would never do anything to besmirch the memory of Jennifer.

He suggests they research her on the Internet. When they come up empty-handed, Emily suggests this proves she's a phony.

Paul worries that she may go after his mother.

Meanwhile, Dusty arranges for Josie to fly back to Sandusky but when he spots some fashion sketches she scribbled, he convinces her to stay.

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