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Damian enters Lily's bedroom and insists he's here for her. Lily again points out he shouldn't be.

Jack offers his help to Meg at the farm and then is interrupted by Damian.

Damian denies knowing the name of the Kentucky cop in charge but reveals he did have Holden's dental records sent for confirmation of his death.

While Damian talks with Meg, Jack makes his way in to see Lily and offers his sympathies to her. Lily insists that her husband is still alive but Jack reveals they finally retrieved the body.

Damian brings Meg to the site of the crash and learns that the dental plates were so damaged that they're now going to run a DNA test to prove the dead man is Holden.

Instead, Damian pleads with the cop to check the dental records again and end this matter for the grieving widow.

Lily imagines being with Holden and is startled to find Damian with her. As he embraces her, Meg spots them together.

Rosanna warns Janet that Teri has her eyes on Craig.

Though Janet doubts that anything will happen, Rosanna gives her cause to worry so she rushes to the Lakeview. Craig has dinner with Teri in his suite and then lies down on the couch for a nap.

He's startled to find Teri snuggling into him and is relieved when there's a knock at the door. Janet bursts in and orders her sister to stay away from Craig.

He takes Teri back to Carly's where he apologizes to Teri for inadvertently leading her on. Teri denies that she's ever been interested in a relationship with him.

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