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After arguing with Henry, Barbara calls Paul for help. He says he's called the police about his father. Audrey urges James to consider leaving the country.

Vienna and Henry argue about whether to accept James as his father.

He slips out to see his parents but when he spots the police in the lobby, he hurries upstairs to warn James about his imminent arrest.

Henry takes James and Audrey to the Lakeview furnace room where James is impressed by his assistance. Urging her to save Henry's life, Barbara convinces Vienna to turn James in.

At the station house, Paul boasts to his father he's glad he's finally been caught and says goodbye.

James insists he's proud that Paul is acting like his son.

Hearing his mother can finally have a visitor today, Parker asks Rosanna and Craig if he can be that person. Instead, Craig and Rosanna argue about who is going as she insults him.

Calling her a beautiful woman, Craig warns Rosanna that if she doesn't change, she's going to grow up to be a spiteful old maid.

Tony presses Liberty to go for a ride in his car so they can have sex again. She insists she's not interested but when he doesn't let up, she spots Parker calling out from his bike and goes along with his lie that her mother is looking for her.

After Tony leaves, Liberty lets slip that she saw him with his girlfriend. Parker sets her straight, telling her the girl she saw him hugging is his cousin Faith whose father had just died.

Parker tries to be supportive when Liberty calls herself a "screw up."

Craig finds he can't see Carly after all and lies to Rosanna about it. Back at home, Rosanna's impressed when Craig assures Parker that his mother loves him.

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