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Tom asks Bob why he reinstated Alison. Kim can't believe he would keep her at the hospital after all she has done. Bob isn't absolutely sure of her incompetence.

Alison is relieved when Casey admits that he now believes that she is not at fault for the mistakes happening at the hospital.

He asks her if she really thinks that Bob is "losing it" so she suggests that he ask Bob himself. Casey runs home where he blasts his family for ganging up on Alison who he insists did nothing wrong.

When Kim leaves the room feeling weak, Casey steps in front of Tom and Margo and asks Bob if Alison was right in saying there is something wrong with him.

Later back in the hospital, Bob confides to Kim that he's asked for Dr. Beule to take over her case, suggesting he doesn't favor physicians treating their own family.

Kim sends him to get some ice cream. Casey's not happy to find Alison talking with Riley again. He mentions Kim's back in the hospital so Alison suggests that he stop listening to her.

When Casey blows up at Riley for defending Alison, she runs out and finds Bob in Old Town, holding melting ice cream and unsure of what to do. Bob then collapses.

Henry and Audrey meet James' new attorney Lloyd who tells Henry he knows him because he'll be inheriting the Stenbeck fortune.

Henry gives Vienna the good news but insists it means nothing to him if she's not with him. Vienna refuses so Audrey comes up with a solution, telling Henry to give her James' money.

Paul confronts James in the interrogation room. James urges him to reclaim his life by taking back the Stenbeck name but Paul refuses.

He later invites Emily to move in with him. James asks his lawyer to change his will so that Paul receives everything.

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