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Pointing his gun at Holden, Eb demands he tell him and Maeve where Skaggs' money is. Holden insists he knows nothing. Eb guesses he and Skaggs were working together.

Maeve offers to get a message to his wife if Holden tells her where the money is. Lily tries to talk with Faith about what's bothering her but the girl wants nothing to do with her mother.

Damian finds Lily angry and frustrated at work, unable to get anything done. She orders him to get out but ends up in his arms, confessing how alone she feels.

Damian tells her that as far as he is concerned, she will never be alone.

When Meg calls about their date to have sex, Damian claims he is stuck with some foundation work and will be late.

Hearing his "foundation" excuse, Faith warns Meg that her mother is at the foundation offices too. When Damian finally comes to her, Meg blasts him for failing to see that she needs his support as well as Lily.

Teri presses a nauseous Liberty to allow her to take her to see a doctor.

When she refuses, Teri admits she saw the home pregnancy test and assures her that she'll be okay. Crying, Liberty states that her mother is going to kill her but Teri insists they get official proof from a doctor.

Liberty demands that she not tell anyone about this. But after the doctor confirms her condition, Liberty finds Teri has already told Craig who offers to take her to Chicago to discuss her "options."

After Janet downplays her sister's relationship with Craig, Rosanna warns Janet that Craig lied to her and she thinks it's because of Teri.

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