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Katie reacts to getting her period. Brad assures her that in a couple of months, they'll try again.

While Katie decides to go see a fertility doctor, Brad has a big laugh when Henry reveals that he caught Vienna pricking holes in his condoms.

The laughs stop when Brad realizes that Katie didn't take her "thingy" into the bathroom with her before they had sex.

Brad rushes home with Henry close behind and worries when he can't find Katie's diaphragm in the "usual place."

Henry offers some excuses and then confesses that Vienna is right in thinking that he does want children.

However, he admits his fear that he will fail miserably at being a father.

Margo helps cover for her when Brad runs into Katie meeting a fertility doctor. Later, when Katie admits she threw out her diaphragm but was fitted for a new one, Brad apologizes.

Guessing he'll ruin his daughter's life, Paul lays into Josie for helping him get partial custody of Eliza.

When she defends what she said in court, he suddenly kisses her until she angrily slaps him. Dusty's amazed when Meg receives a document signing over all of Paul's assets to her.

Instead of showing it to her, Dusty hurries to Fairwinds where he spots Paul with Josie. He accuses Paul of trying once again to control Meg and announces that she doesn't want anything from him.

Paul guesses that he wanted to play the hero for Meg and she turned him down. After they argue, Josie says goodbye to Paul who asks if she's done with Dusty too.

Paul surprises Meg at the farm and while she admits she knew nothing about the documents, she tells Paul she wants nothing from him.

She allows him to hold Eliza one last time and then sends him on his way. Josie warns Dusty about knowing what he wants and then kisses him goodbye.

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