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Urging Carly to try his latest concoction, Henry comes up with the "Hopetini." Craig joins them and takes the first sip.

He warns, though, that this drink will close the place.

After Henry leaves, Craig comes up with the idea of marketing a new kind of vodka with Carly's image on the bottle.

He pours her a few different brands to taste and points out that they'll only need a bottle design and a special label to make their vodka, "Midnight Sun," a big seller.

As the mugger drives off with his rental car and Eliza in her seat in the back, Paul calls Meg to warn her.

At first, Meg thinks he's lying but then orders him to find her daughter.

After Paul calls her about the car jacking, Barbara and Meg decide to fly to New York. In New York, Dusty finds Josie outside the auto pound and doesn't believe her when she claims that Paul is heading back to Oakdale.

He starts questioning various rental car agencies so Josie vows to go with him, admitting along the way that she fell in love with him.

They eventually run into Paul who has been joined by Meg and Barbara.

After Dusty berates Paul for what's happened and learns he hasn't called the police yet, Dusty claims that if he truly wanted to find Eliza, he would have enlisted their help already.

As they argue and walk, Paul spots his stolen car but they discover the car seat is empty.

Worried about following Bob's orders not to get pregnant right now, Brad turns down Katie when she claims she just wants to have sex.

Brad runs to Henry to complain but Katie finds him and drags him back home. There, before they fall into bed, Brad gets Katie to confirm that she's using protection, unaware that her diaphragm is in the wastebasket.

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